Château Damase

Headed by the charismatic Xavier Milhade, Château Damase is unique in that it is atypically 100% Merlot, giving the wine an excellent depth of color and explosive bouquet.

    Damase Bottle

  • Wines

    • Chateau Damase Bordeaux Supérieur
  • Where to Find Them

    Château Damase wines are available in the following states: California, Colorado, Delaware, New Jersey, New York

  • History

    Château Damase is one of our most sought after estates and is allocated. The use of 100% Merlot gives the wine excellent depth of color and an explosive bouquet of truffles, violets and plums. The full-bodied palate is loaded with a mélange of delicious red fruits and structured with soft, supple tannins. There is good balance and a long finish – a hallmark of quality.

  • Family/ Owners

    Xavier Milhade. The D.Milhade & Sons company was founded in 1938 by Damase Milhade, who built his wine trade business in Galgon. The company, today named Ets. Milhade S.A., markets all appellations from the Bordelais vineyards, with a predominant position in the Libournais vintages. They are the exclusive distributors of the Milhades property wines.

  • D.Milhade & Sons
  • Terroir

    Chateau Damase is unique because it is planted with 100% Merlot. The reason for this is because the soil is mainly composed of clay and Merlot thrives in these conditions, whilst Cabernet prefers faster draining soils.

  • Vineyards

    The property home of Xavier Milhade, owner/chief winemaker, and therefore benefits from his residency. All viticultural techniques imitate those practiced at classified estates in Saint-Emilion, with small modifications made to suit the terroir of Château Damase.

  • Grape Varieties

    • 90% Merlot
    • 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Winemaking

    DamaseGrapes are sorted by quality. Following a selection of the best grapes, there is 100% de-stemming and a gentle crushing before transferring the berries to temperature-controlled vats. A traditional Bordeaux fermentation takes place. Xavier Milhade’s objective is to strike a balance between obtaining good extraction and still allowing the terroir to express itself. The wine is aged in new and 1-year-old oak casks and, after a light filtration, is bottled 18 months after the harvest.

  • Production

    50 oak barrels

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    Location/ Contact

    ETS MILHADE S.A. – 33133 GALGON –
    TEL: (+33) (+33) –
    FAX: (+33)