Bordeaux and the Millennial Wine Market

Excerpt from Beau’s Barrel Room.


In the lead-up to my September trip to Bordeaux, I posted a brief note on Bordeaux wines’ place in the United States. Throughout my stay in France, that question would pop into my head at various times and continues to do so on a regular basis.

I am fascinated by the stratification of the wine market in this country, how we have so many different levels of consumer spread across age, gender, education level, and income level. Overlaying my experiences in Bordeaux with this broad demographic map, I began to see where the wines could easily fit or conversely, not fit at all.

Often I would think more about the Millennial demographic because it’s where I reside, and during my years in wine retail sales, I was always interested in the buying habits of my fellow 20-somethings. We’re a fickle bunch, and even within our ranks there are multiple levels or layers of wine consumers. As all of this slowly percolated through my brain, the question became “where do Bordeaux wines fit in the Millennial market and what can the Bordelais do to capture our attention?“.

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