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Bordeaux Superieur and Satellite Appellations


Bordeaux Superieur & Satellite Appellations


This page is a Bordeaux Value Wine Guide to the Satellite Appellations of Bordeaux offering some of the best value wines from Bordeaux that are located in the Right Bank satellite appellations: Cotes de Castillon, Lalande de Pomerol, Fronsac, Canon Fronsac, Bordeaux Superieur, Entre Deux Mers and Cotes de Bordeaux. It looks at the best wines, top chateaux, their soils, grape varieties and wine making with links to all the best value Bordeaux wine producing estates. These chateaux often offer the best price to quality ratio in the entire Bordeaux region. Each Bordeaux winery profile offers multiple wine tasting notes with ratings. Numerous Bordeaux value wines from the satellite merit serious, consumer attention.


Planet Bordeaux‘s insight:

Jeff Leve, The Wine Cellar Insider, focused on Bordeaux wines produced in the Right Bank. Fronsac, Entre-Deux-Mers, Côtes de Bordeaux, but also Bordeaux Superieur wines! A great article that will undoubtly guide you to discover these wines in the Bordeaux Superieur and Satellite Appellations. As The Wine Cellar Insider said, Satellite Appellations are a myriad of communes and terroirs which produce Bordeaux wines you can afford.

You will also find in this guide a list of wines chosen by The Wine Cellar Insider from those appellations as Domaine de Courteillac, a Bordeaux Superieur available in the US (click here to read the article from the TWCI)!

Thanks to Jeff who requested us this wine review.


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