Château Penin

Excerpt from Wine Harlots.

By Nannette Eaton

Château Penin has been in the Carteyron family since the vineyard was planted in 1854, medications with five generations tending the vines and creating the wines. Château Penin is nestled in the left bank of the Dordogne River, viagra 100mg across from Saint-Emilion. The soil is a terrace of gravel, located between a limestone plateau and marshland – stony soil and red sand eroded from the Massif Central and transported by the Dordogne River in the ice age’s quaternary period. Terroir is destiny in Bordeaux.

Chateau Penin Bordeaux France Château Penin

Over lunch at Château Penin, we sampled their wines; a rose, a clairet, a no sulfur added wine named Natur, and the lovely merlots: Les Cailloux, Grande Sélection and Tradition. But what caught the Wine Harlots fancy was the entry-level wines called Excess.

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