A quintessential pairing of Bordeaux Blanc and caviar at the Taste of Planet Bordeaux seminar at Bobo NYC in New York City.


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At restaurant Bobo NYC in New York City a select group of journalists will take part in an innovative food and wine-pairing seminar, buy Taste of Planet Bordeaux. Hosted by Michael Madrigale, ambassador for Planet Bordeaux wines in the United States, the tasting will highlight the diversity, quality and value of our appellations. We will also dive deep into a new food trend, just in time for autumn – High-Low food pairings, with fantastically affordable Bordeaux Blanc and luxurious caviar from our wonderful Italian caviar partner, Calvisius Caviar.



Bobo’s Chef Nelson Maldonado has created a sublime pairing menu for a selection of Bordeaux Rosé, Bordeaux Rouge and Bordeaux Supérieur.



The wines of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur are the quintessential complement to any palate, and every occasion.