Los Angeles International Wine Competition

Planet Bordeaux Celebrates 8th Year at the Los Angeles International Wine Competition


Since 2009, remedy Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur AOC wines have been proudly competing at2016WineLogo the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition. For the 2016 edition, cialis more than 150 wines have been entered, healing making it the largest tasting of Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur AOCs in the United States.


The Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur wines are judged by a panel of experts including Bernard Burtschy, wine writer for Le Figaro newspaper; Réne CHAZOTTES, MS, Pacific Club; Mark Newman, importer and consultant; and Michael Madrigale, head sommelier at Bar Boulud in New York City and ambassador for Planet Bordeaux wines in the U.S.


“The sheer quality and value of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur AOCs has never been better. I think as time goes on and younger generations get involved in winemaking and grape growing, consumers are also getting better wine – thus, we need to keep sourcing and providing awareness for these high-quality, accessible, and affordable choices.”

Michael Madrigale


In its 77th year, the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition – named by USA Today as “one of the Top Five wine competitions in the United States” – brings together more than 90 international judges to taste nearly 3,000 wines from 800 vineyards all over the world in blind tastings.


Competition results will be posted at www.LAWineComp.com on June 1st, 2016.


American wine lovers will have the opportunity to taste the award-winning wines at the Cheers! public tasting event held at Fairplex on Saturday, June 25th, 2016. The event benefits the educational programs of The Learning Centers at Fairplex.


From September 2nd to 25th, 2016, the Los Angeles County Fair at Fairplex will have a display of all award-winning wines, Gold Medal Wine Tastings and Wine Education Seminars. Wine classes are taught by some of the best experts and chefs in the state. The Los Angeles County Fair hosts nearly 1.3 million guests annually.


The Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur AOCs Winemakers’ Association, aka Planet Bordeaux in the U.S., represents all wines produced in the regional appellations:


Bordeaux Blanc
Bordeaux Supérieur Blanc (sweet)
Bordeaux Rosé
Bordeaux Clairet
Bordeaux Rouge
Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge
Bordeaux Crémant (sparkling)

Producing red (88% of the wines produced), white, rosé, sweet and sparkling wines, the Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur AOCs represent more than half of the vineyards in the prestigious Bordeaux wine region, and form the largest fine wine region in the world. Bordeaux AOC wines are at their best in their youth, when their exceptionally fruity qualities delight the palate. Bordeaux Supérieur wines will also age nicely for a few years, revealing all the subtleties of their bouquet. Recognized worldwide for their quality, Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur AOCs offer elegant, accessible wines at affordable prices.


Overall, 13 bottles of Planet Bordeaux wines are consumed every second worldwide.