Château de Bonhoste 2009 Bordeaux Supérieur | New Hampshire Wine-man

Château de Bonhoste Bordeaux Supérieur Wine Review by New Hampshire Wine-man


Château de Bonhoste by New Hampshire Wine-man


“Nearly the best red dinner wine I can think of, Château de Bonhoste 2009 Bordeaux should makes a perfect dinner companion for that large gathering, and won’t break the bank either. Come to think of it, it seems every time I go to some kind of banquet or large gathering, the caterers serve this cheap-type $5.00 a bottle Merlot, but because everyone is preoccupied, the plonk is ignored by most! (Song for all us old folk) I wonder-wonder who, not knowing anything about catering or just how restaurants decide on a wine to serve for showers, weddings, or other large groups, just how is a wine chosen? Is it the house wine, is it the cost, or maybe the availability; whatever method is applied, let me challenge those in the position to decide, to decide on a satisfying wine.”


Planet Bordeaux‘s insight:

An excellent value presented in this review by the New Hampshire wine-man! This article is about a wine from Château de Bonhoste. The 44 hectares of Château de Bonhoste extends over the hillsides which feature in the Dordogne Valley which lies 45 km from the city of Bordeaux and 6km from Saint-Emilion.

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