Regional Appellations

Below is more specific information about each of the regional appellations of Planet Bordeaux, and suggested food pairings to try with each.

Bordeaux Blanc AOC

Bx blanc 09-C-VINANIMUSDry Bordeaux Blanc wines are characterized by delicate fruits (apricot, peach, citrus fruits) accompanied by floral notes (boxwood, broom, acacia flowers), and sometimes associated with toast, butter and smoke when aged in oak barrels. Lively and fresh, they are without rival in their ability to be matched to an incredible range of dishes. In short, White Bordeaux wines remind us that Bordeaux is not just all about reds!

Whether as an apéritif or with a meal, their vivacity and freshness (serve between 6° and 7°C) will make you dream of picnics and big gatherings around a plate of oysters. But even if seafood and White Bordeaux make the “perfect couple,” dare to be more adventurous. Try matching their finesse with a simple poultry dish or cheese. Trust your senses and give in to their delicate charms, fine acidity and fruity aromas.

Bordeaux Supérieur Blanc AOC (Sweet White)

Although it is made with the same grape varieties, this sweet white bears no resemblance to the dry Bordeaux Blanc. Made with overripe grapes, it is perfect as an apéritif, with white meat dishes, foie gras, blue cheese and dessert. It is a real treat that can be aged for many years in your cellar.

Bordeaux Rosé AOC & Bordeaux Clairet AOC

Summer was invented to give Bordeaux Rosé and Clairet their moment to shine. These aromatic wines brimming over with freshness should be savored young, as soon as the days start getting warmer, and they’ll continue to bring sunny memories as the days grow shorter. Made for free and easy drinking, there are no rules or constraints: you can drink these wines with anything that is simple and tasty. At the same time refinedSous la neige-C-VINANIMUSbut laid back, these Bordeaux wines are designed for immediate pleasure, and can accompany any occasion.

With its seductive pale pink color, Bordeaux Rosé is the result of a very short maceration period (a matter of hours), while Clairet is typically kept in contact with skins for up to four days. It develops aromas of flowers, red fruits, citrus fruits and spices. It is best served at a maximum of 8°C, so it’s a good idea to have a bottle handy in the fridge.

The heir of the very first wines produced in the Bordeaux region, Bordeaux Clairet (pronounced “clare-ay”) has a deeper pink color. It is more vinous than a rosé and can be paired with foods as a light red. Serve cool (11°C).

Bordeaux Red AOC

Thanks to a great diversity of soils, an ideal micro-climate and the expert blend of grape varieties, Bordeaux Reds boast an infinite range of nuances and combine their qualities in a thousand different ways. But diverse as they may be, they all share a special ability to express their terroir and fruit to the full. This consistent quality matched with exceptional variety equals a never-ending range of affordable wines to discover.

Bordeaux Reds are convivial wines to be enjoyed. They are not ruled by wine-drinking protocol! They are as well suited to meals among friends and impromptu lunches as they are to sophisticated dinners. They are unpretentious and easy to drink, delivering a well-balanced structure and great roundness on the palate. And they are easy on the pocketbook!

When you say “Bordeaux” you tend to think “château.” But Bordeaux also has plenty to offer in the way of quality brand wines. These are wines that are selected and blended in the wineries of négociant houses (very often family-run) or cooperatives. They are the signature of a business. Behind their label, you will find good value for money and consistent wines.

Bordeaux Supérieur Red AOC

barrel and pipette carréOften made from parcels of old vines, a minimum maturing period of nine months, for many of them in oak barrels. If you want to earn the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation “stamp of approval,” you have to comply with particularly strict winemaking conditions that give an optimum expression of terroir.


But these rules also give the wine producer a chance to show off all his talent. Throughout the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation each bottle contains the imprint of its maker, the indefinable reflection of his specific expertise, a personal style giving each wine and each vintage something special.

Consumed young, Bordeaux Supérieur wines are already eloquent, and with a little patience they offer intense aromatic richness, revealing aromas and flavors of ripe fruit with woody, spicy notes. Bordeaux Supérieur wines. It would be a pity to keep them only for special occasions, these are wines to be discovered and shared. There is no need for any special reason, nor for any particular ceremony.

Crémant de Bordeaux AOC (Sparkling Wines)

Although it has existed since the 19th century, it was not until 1990 that Crémant de Bordeaux was offically given an AOC, thereby finding its rightful place among the great wines of Bordeaux. Like its cousins in Champagne, Alsace, and Burgundy, it is made according to the traditional method developed by the famous monk Dom Pérignon.

Fine bubbles, a sparkling color, long-lasting foam – White or Rosé Crémant de Bordeaux is obviously a wine for festive occasions. Served in an ice bucket or a wine cooler (5-6°C), it is unrivalled as a way to kick off an evening and create a party atmosphere. Naturally, it is wonderful as an apéritif, but its temperament, liveliness and freshness also make it ideal to go with the whole meal.