Temecula wine tasters savor Bordeaux wines

Excerpt from Examiner.com.

By Susan Montgomery

Planet Bordeaux line upTasting Bordeaux wines in the Temecula Valley Wine Country? Sure. Wine lovers here enjoy the whole spectrum of wines from all over the world. Recently, the Occasional Wine Council, which not surprisingly meets “occasionally” to review a wide variety of wines, met at the home of wine enthusiasts, Tom and Laura Plant, to taste some luscious Bordeaux wines. The evening’s tasting was expertly organized by another wine enthusiast, Linda Kissam.

The Bordeaux wine region, probably the most well-known wine region of France, is located in the southwestern part of the country near the Atlantic coast, about 300 miles from Paris, in an ocean-influenced, micro-climate ideal for growing grapes. Bordeaux wines have been produced in this region for almost 2000 years and today the region is the home of an estimated 10,000 winemakers producing about 700 million bottles of wine annually.

Six Occasional Wine Council participants met at the Plants’ home to taste a variety of Bordeaux wines. Each participant was assigned a specific wine and prepared an appropriate dish to pair with the assigned wine. The experience was educational, fascinating, and thoroughly enjoyable. This was not meant to be a comparison of Bordeaux wines with California wines, which happens so often. It was meant to be an opportunity to savor and appreciate the distinct character and flavors of some outstanding Bordeaux wines, but the group did understand that Bordeaux wines tend to be lower in alcohol, earthier, and usually lighter than California reds. The evening’s tasting reinforced this perception. At the end of the evening, the group’s members ranked the wines according to each participant’s personal preference, although there was almost unanimous consensus on the excellence of the wines.

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