The Tiniest of Shrimp with Star Anise and White Bordeaux

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By Jameson Fink

Nothing cures jet lag like a glass of White Bordeaux and a bowlful of very, viagra very tiny shrimp with star anise. My first afternoon in Bordeaux on a media trip sponsored by Planet Bordeaux was spent gathered round a kitchen counter at Chateau Saint Barbe. It sits a (literal) stone’s throw from the Garrone river:

These tiny shrimp were accompanied with an assortment of white wines, including a couple rosés (hell yeah!), but the wine I kept gravitating towards was the 2011 Chateau La Verriere. It’s a 100% thirst-quenching, punchy Sauvignon Blanc that takes its foot off the gas pedal before crossing the line that would render it overly assertive and agressive. (Yes, your wine can be too assertive and aggressive. It’s like people.) The La Verriere was snappy, with a touch of richness to give it some distinction. And it was distinctly excellent with shrimp after tiny shrimp. (Jeez, is this post going to turn into some sort of Forrest Gump/Bordeaux mashup?)

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