Thinking about visiting Bordeaux and its Vineyards? Here are some Top Tips

Traveling In The Bordeaux Wine Country by Nicolle Croft



Visiting the Bordeaux wine country

“Bordeaux, UNESCO registered since 2007, is undoubtedly the world’s wine capital. It is well worth visiting along with its vineyards which are France’s largest with 60 different appellations and around 10,000 châteaux. The best way to visit is with a local wine expert to show you around ‘the best of Bordeaux’, peeking behind the scenes and to make it a trip of a lifetime. Here are some tips from a local wine lover guide to give set you on your way and give you a taste of this wonderful region.


What do you need to know? There is not a pre-requiste ‘savoir-faire’ before visiting the vineyards of Bordeaux, just an interest in wines and a desire to learn more. Not only will your guide be able to give you the background behind winetasting itself, the vineyards, the different wine villages, the Bordeaux wine trade and the process of winemaking wich will help to make your château visits come alive, they will also take you behind the scenes to see what the average tour does not. Wine is about people and meeting those that make the wine gives a visit another unforgettable dimension.

How long to stay? If you can try and stay at least 3 days; one day for the Médoc, one for St Emilion and one to spend in the beautiful Bordeaux city centre.

What to wear? Visiting the vineyards and cellars of wine properties is not a fashion show.Wine is an agricultural product and you are there to understand how it is made. Cellars are around 16°C throughout the year so make sure to bring along a light pashmina, jacket, cardie however hot it is. Wear comfortable suitable shoes without high heels so you can get around without falling over.”



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An excellent review about traveling in the Bordeaux wine country. Nicolle Croft suggests here lots of things to do in the area. This article will guide you to know what to visit, when and where to stay.


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