Two inexpensive Bordeaux even a 1 percenter would love

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By John Foy

Bordeaux has its 99 percent, buy cialis too. These are the wines most people drink, from little-known chateaux- the silent majority.

Bordeaux’s 1 percent are the 61 chateaux in the famous 1855 Classification, plus chateaux Petrus, Cheval Blanc, Ausone and a few others also from Saint Emilion and Pomerol, two appellations not included in the 1855 Classification. Wines from the 1 percent are for the 1 percent that can afford bottles costing hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Bordeaux’s other 8,400 chateaux are, many times, no more than the modest family house with vineyards planted behind the residence and around the children’s play spaces. They are outside the prestigious appellations, lack marketing resources, and struggle for recognition that brings importers and distributors with the financial strength to promote their wines. It’s a world apart from the picture-postcard grand chateaux of the one percenters.

But many of these tiny chateaux can please wine consumers with their low prices and hight quality. Pour yourself a glass of the 2009 Chateau La Barotte and the 2009 Chateau La Goutere and count your blessings.

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